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Italian Wedding Photographer in Bergamo and northern Italy

“My Royal Wedding”: Susan and Simon come from England, in London, and they made their dream come true when they chose the marvellous setting of Bergamo Upper City for their long-awaited wedding day. A day they lived intensely, joking, laughing and enjoying it as a King and a Queen would, just like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had done only a couple of weeks earlier in London.

The charming B&B Antica Dimora, located just by Bergamo’s Venetian Walls, was the selected venue for the preparation of the bride and groom and their most beloved guests. They planned a rather intimate wedding ceremony, with both English and Italian (Simon’s family) guests, in which Susan and Simon’s sons and daughters played a central role, together with the flawless bridesmaids in their magnificent dresses. The chosen location for the ceremony was the wonderful Palazzo Moroni, in the core of the ancient Bergamo, popularly called “Città Alta” (Upper City).

For their impeccable wedding reception, Susan and Simon chose the renowned restaurant Colleoni dell’Angelo, in the ancient square of Bergamo, Piazza Vecchia, a real jewel in the very heart of the Upper City, and they cut their refined wedding cake just in front of the beautiful Contarini Fountain.

Simon, one of the top experts and most awarded professional sommeliers in England, personally selected all wines and dishes for his perfect wedding. He felt truly satisfied by the rich cuisine of Bergamo historic restaurant Colleoni dell’Angelo and happy to savour once again the delicious food and wine products from Italy and Bergamo he proudly promotes and celebrates in London.

Italian Wedding Photographer in Bergamo and northern Italy

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